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Patones de Arriba
3-days off road in Castilla
21 April, 2018

7 days – Wine regions



Get to explore one of the best known wine regions in Spain. Famous worldwide wines are produced here and the beauty of the area certainly permeates onto the elixir of the gods. Come with us to learn all the intricacies in wine-making, ride the winding roads and enjoy a good meal with, of course, a good wine.


Always accompanied by professionally trained, certified, local guide riders, your only care will be you and the road. And after, you will be treated to several real traditional Spanish meals, as enjoyed by locals, in the restaurants they themselves value most for their food and quality of service.

Over the next few days we will traverse towns and villages, always through the best country roads, some only known to the most region-savvy local bikers.

The buautiful scenery changes every few miles, from deep green forests to breathtaking mountain ranges.


The trip is divided into manageable routes of around 150 to 250 Km, each designed to be an enjoyable ride in on itself, but also so you enjoy the spectacular views and get to know the real Spain, the Spain that Spanish people visit. We also ensure that the meals coincide with the best restaurants, and each day destination sets you to spend the nights in quality hotels.

Of course, we will take care that your luggage awaits at your arrival each day, so you can forgett the fuss of hauling it around. We take care of it all.

This is the best way, for a real biker, to get to know Spain in the best possible way.

Want a rest from riding? Don’t forget to check out our amenities and alternative plans for both the rider and/or the pillion.

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