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5-days Northeast
7 June, 2013
Track day at Jarama circuit
27 July, 2013

Experience Electric


Experience motorcycling in a new, surprising way, the Electric Way!  The future of motorcycle riding is here and now. And we have not only the best environment to test it in but also the best bike to do it with: the Zero motorcycle. A bike as light as a 250cc and as fun and powerful as a 600cc. Do you dare to try it?


Either as part of your Fully Organised Trip (link) or as an experience on its own, the chance to experience riding a real electric motorcycle we offer you is something you should not pass by lightly.

We take you for a full day, to ride in the best place to really enjoy the experience: a route designed to not only be a fun ride on any motorcycle, but also a route that would not usually be available on a combustion-engine motorcycle.

Fly low, just above the tarmac, and whilst you get to feel the speed, the wind, the bends as you normally would on a sports-bike, you are also closer to nature, without the roar of the engine sound, nor the smell of burnt gasoline. A full experience, a different way of riding.


The route is also designed so we can make the most of the day, recharging the motorcycle whilst you enjoy a good Spanish meal in one of the best restaurants around, El Fogón del Azogue. And as soon as you are done, the bike will be ready for a full ride again (yes, it really only takes that long!).

Of course, during the whole day, we will answer any and all questions you may have on the Zero Motorcycle.

Also, as a big plus, if you later decide you really do like the experience, you can get your money back when you go back to your local dealer and buy your new Zero motorcycle! And this will be just the best ever test-ride of your life!


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