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Track day at Jarama circuit


Enjoy a great track day in a truly epic track, where all the big names in Spanish racing have both trained and raced. Take the same bends that figures like Angel Nieto, Fausto Gresini and Jorge Martinez Aspar. Can you beat their times?

Enjoy riding in the most famous, historic racing track in Spain. That alone should make your day… but also, when your day is done, you’re near the capital city of Madrid, with all its fun possibilities and entertainment options.


The Jarama Circuit is located just to the north of Madrid, at a short 30-minute ride from the airport, or 45 minutes from the city centre so make sure you pack for a night in town after the ride!

Built originally in 1967, it has recently undergone a serious update in both track conditions and service areas. There is even people talking of it making a comeback to the MotoGP championship… who knows!

And, if you want, you get a chance to ride where all the Spanish champions have both trained, raced and earned their inscription in the history books of motorcycling.


After a short briefing and set-up, you will ride a first 45 minute session. Naturally, the track will belong to the group so no interference and no other competition than amongst yourselves.

After that, results are up for you to check on, review, taunt your friends and talk over to make sure you make the best of session two.
A second 45 minute session will decide who is the best. Will you be ready?

And when the dealin’s done, you get an overall ranking, best laps, scoring etc. that you can discuss over dinner at a quality restaurant. Because after all, what better way is there to celebrate a win than a good meal?


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